2014 Nice Grantees
Making Indy Nicer

Activity Winners Partners
Anti-Bike Theft Program
Kevin Whited of IndyCog will be using a Nice Grant to assist in funding a program to assist in curbing bike theft throughout Indianapolis.
The Big Picture
Steven McCloud of the King Park Area Development Corporation was seeking a Nice Grant to assist in funding "The Big Picture," a public art project that will provide vinyl wraps for 9 traffic signal boxes that will collectively create a mural highlighting the creative history of the Northeast Corridor.
Free Reads
Susan T. White, an IPS teacher, will put her Nice Grant towards purchasing books for children free of charge.
Cooking, Health and Science for Kids
Jessica and Michael Flaherty will be using their Nice Grant to help fund a series of open cooking and science activities for pre-school children and their families focused on healthy food and easy preparation.
Paying Kindness Forward
Michael Bogan of local toy company Promise Monsters will be using a Nice Grant to begin a tour of IPS schools to spread the message of paying kindness forward.
Community Garden Cargo Bike
Cindy Tow will be using her Nice Grant to help fund the purchase of a cargo bike to assist in delivering food from the the 27th Street Community Garden free of charge to residents of the community.
Mega Music Machine
Alan Goffinski of Know No Stranger was seeking a Nice Grant to fund the development of a steampunk-esque interactive "Mega Music Machine" for debut at Optical Popsicle 7.
Monon Mural Repair
Megan Jefferson is using her Nice Grant to repair the murals on the Infinite Storage building, between 52nd St. and 54th St. along the Monon Trail
Make Change
Timothy Carter is seeking $1000 to assist in funding the "Make Change" program, which provides individuals with $10 of credit to participating local businesses for each hour spent working toward improving the water quality of Fall Creek.
Education Music Visual EP
Adam Gross, Melanie Rau, Justin Shimp and Jessican Dunn are teaming up to create a visual EP featuring animated music videos and educational songs for children.