Teaming up
to spread the nice

Activity Winners Partners

It was the day before the Nice Grants deadline. The submissions were rolling in, and the niceness was spreading throughout the city. In particular, to the east downtown area where the folks at Angie's List were starting to feel mightily inspired to get nice. And so, that's what they did!

Angie's List – known for its consumer ratings service – decided to match the original Nice Grants dollar-for-dollar. Their matching donation allowed us to extend the Nice Grants application deadline (reeling in about 90 more submissions!), and created five additional $1,000 grants.

Angie's List founder Angie Hicks was all in. "Indianapolis is already a pretty nice place. These projects are destined to make it even better," she said about Nice Grants.

Angie's List is a paid membership service accessed by more than 2 million folks around the country to find, hire and review local service providers in more than 720 categories. Founded in April 1995, the Angie's List website receives around 60,000 reviews from its members each month.

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