Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nice Grant?

A Nice Grant is a $1000 grant that can be used to help with your project. It's that simple. "Nice," right?

What kinds of projects are eligible to receive a Nice Grant?

We want to see Central Indiana get just that much nicer - so it is critical that your project takes place in / focuses on Central Indiana. Also, it must be feasible for you to complete the project. We know that some of you will be taking on big challenges with your projects, but if you are seeking to film a documentary or create an art installation you should already know how to edit video or paint (or sculpt or weld or culture jam - whatever your chosen medium).  Past that, we are pretty open to any ideas related to business, arts and culture, science and technology, creative sandwich design... You name it!

Where does the Nice Grants money come from?

In 2013 the Nice Grants program was funded by SmallBox and Angie's List. In 2014 SmallBox took the challenge on alone. This year DeveloperTown is splitting the bill with us but if you are interested in contributing please contact Andrew Hosey at or visit our contact page.

How do I submit a proposal for a Nice Grant?

Click the "Apply" link above or just head to the grant submission page here to get started.

I have never written a grant proposal before. What kind of information are you looking for?

Some organizations require in-depth, technical proposals dealing with every in-and-out of the project - but that's not really Nice Grants' style. Really, we are looking for your elevator pitch and reliable contact information (real names only please). If your project is too difficult to explain in a few paragraphs then it might be a little out of scope for a Nice Grant. Be concise, let us know about any work you have already completed on the project (if work has started), and tell us your vision for how your project can serve to make Central Indiana that much nicer.

When is the deadline to submit?

5pm on April 17, 2015. As much as we love last minute genious ideas, we must be firm with this date and time to be as fair as possible to all of the amazing submittors we hope to hear from.

Am I able to submit proposals for more than one project?

You're just a little idea machine, aren't you?! By all means, please submit any and all ideas for projects but keep in mind that the shotgun approach will only work if all of your project ideas are well thought out, original, and feasible for you to execute.

I am, in some way, associated with SmallBox or a Nice Grants partner organization. Am I still eligible?

This may come as a surprise - but you are! The inaugural Nice Grants program attracted submissions from former and current SmallBox employees alike. We would be remiss to exclude good ideas just because of a person's place of employment. Let's hear it for equal opportunity!

I won a Nice Grant last year, and my project is still under way. Will I be able to be considered again for the same project?

Frankly, we would love to continue helping fund your project - but there are a lot of good ideas out there, and we want to give everyone their chance at bat. So, feel free to submit your new idea, but you'll be competing with everyone else, just like last time.

I won a Nice Grant last year, and I have a new project in the works. Will my new project be eligible to receive a Nice Grant?

Indeed it will - we can't fault a person for having too many good ideas, now can we? As long as your project is original and focuses on Central Indiana, we are more than willing to consider it.

Let's say I am lucky enough to win a Nice Grant - are there any strings attached?

A few strings. Tiny strings though. Unobtrusive strings. All that we ask is that you allow a 'Boxer to check in from time to time to track your project's progress so we can share your awesome work with the world.

How will I know if I have won a Nice Grant?

Winners will be announced on Friday, May 1, 2015. If you have won you will receive an email detailing any next steps. From there it's on to being nice!