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Lydia Whitehead
February 20, 2015
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Wheelin' and Nicin' with Veggies

February 20, 2015

One of the 2014 Nice Grants recipients is Cindy Tow, who recognized the need to address the issue of food deserts in Indianapolis communities. She’s been working to acquire a bicycle to help deliver fruits and veggies from the 27th Street Community Garden to homebound neighbors.

Last summer, she found a bicycle at the Columbus Street Co-op in Columbus, Ind., that would fit the bill. Here’s how it looked when she bought it:

After several weeks of repair (by Indy’s own Freewheelin’ Community Bikes) and a paint job from Keco Coatings, the bike is ready to get to work!

The bike can carry 500 lbs. of cargo (that’s a whole lotta veggies!) and has already been used to transport food to community families in need. Cindy has further plans to add baskets and a sign to advertise the 27th Street garden and to put the bike to serious use in the summer harvest season and beyond.

It’s no secret that SmallBoxers love bikes, and we’re really excited to continue to see the impact this one will have on the community. Nice work, Cindy!