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Elizabeth Heil
October 09, 2015
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Serving the Whole Person

October 09, 2015

To hear Maria Santiago, Founder and Executive Director of Chosen Ministries, talk about why she started Chosen, you understand right away that her passion for bringing hope to single parents runs deep. Chosen assists impoverished single parents by removing the barriers that prevent them from succeeding. It is a very holistic model of service. Chosen provides mentoring and coaching, equipping young parents with life skills, professional/job readiness training, financial literacy, and the development of healthy relationships. They are all about supporting parents in every way possible to help them make positive changes.

Maria describes their work as very hands-on. Each client goes through an initial needs assessment to identify what needs are highest priority. Sometimes this means getting food for a young mom who has not eaten in several days. Other times it is providing clothing or help finding a safe place to live. They also provide coaching on practical life skills like interviewing, resume writing and opening a bank account.

In addition to providing for core needs like food and clothing, Chosen also seeks to bring healing and hope by addressing the emotional needs of their clients. Maria believes that the only way to overcome systemic poverty is to be willing to touch every area of someone’s life. Yes, that can be messy and challenging, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Chosen used their Nice Grant to help meet the needs and provide one-on-one mentoring for a young mother. This video is a short testimony from one of their clients that shows the impact of their work with that client:

TIESHA'S STORY from Chosen Ministries on Vimeo.

Stay connected with Chosen by following their blog. We are truly grateful to partner with such inspiring organizations like Chosen!