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Kasey Bradley
February 12, 2013
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Our 10 Nice Grants Winners!

February 12, 2013

Our first Nice Grants program has been a huge success. We received 188 applications and narrowed it down to 10 winners. We are all still a little tired but man has it been nice.

We know everyone has a lot on their plates right now since all of you have been so inspired by our nicing that you've been nicing all of your friends, neighbors, etc., so we understand if you may have missed the webcast, or checked the Nice Grants page. Don't worry - nobody's perfect. We will be extra nice and run them down for you. So now…the winners!

  1. Julie Lehner was seeking $1,000 to… Help launch the Second Annual Clifton-on-the-River Green Tomato Festival! This is a community-wide tomato-based event of epic deliciousness with plenty of food, music, and fun for the kids that will be documented by the Latino Youth Collective. Remember how mom told you to eat your vegetables? Take her advice. Julie Lehner, you have been NICED!

  2. John Anderson was seeking $1,000 to... Improve upon, and permanently install a drawing robot he created in the Big Car Service Center! …and build another one that people can check out! Robots and art? It is hard to find something that will appeal more to your average Boxer. Check this AND John's other awesome projects out at http://sailindaze.blogspot.com/. John Anderson, you have been NICED!

  3. Nancy Stimson was seeking $1,000 to... Develop an apprentice mechanic / youth leadership program at Freewheelin' Community Bikes! SmallBox is all about bike culture, and we think everyone else should be too! Pedal over to http://www.freewheelinbikes.org/ to check out some of their programs. Nancy Stimson, you have been NICED!

  4. Jon Nolen was seeking $1,000 to... Assist in providing promotion and materials for Coder Dojo Indy's effort to increase the number of girls involved in programming! As it is, if I tell you to think of a programmer you PROBABLY picture a guy with a beard. The Indy Coder Dojo guys are guys…with beards…but they want to change your perceptions. Check them out at http://zen.coderdojo.com/dojo/38. Jon Nolen, you have been NICED!

  5. Amy Crook was seeking $1,000 to... Fund a new People for Urban Progress bus stop (a PUPstop - gotta love that, right?)! Did you know that only 45 of the city's IndyGo stops have seating? Crazy, right!? Take a load off and check out some of the other projects they have done around the city at http://www.peopleup.org/. Amy Crook, you have been NICED!

  6. Jacob Merrill was seeking $1,000 to... Further develop and secure the Cataracts Music Festival at its home in Fountain Square! Now, if you've had a chance to make it down to Cataracts, you know what a crazy-fun time it was. If you didn't, be sure to check it out later this year to see some of Indy's homegrown talent alongside national up-and-comers. So you know what you're getting yourself in to, check out at http://cataractsmusicfestival.com/ (some slightly NSFW content - it is a music festival after all). Jacob Merrill, you have been NICED!

  7. Kate Franzman was seeking $1,000 to... Start-up an urban beekeeping project in Fountain Square! Urban farming is big at SmallBox (our CEO Jeb even owns some chickens!), and we have a number of tea-over-coffee folks in the office so we might be coming by for some of the sweet stuff. Check out the progress at http://beepublic.tumblr.com/. Kate Franzman, you have been NICED!

  8. Barbara Zech was seeking $1,000 to... Develop and construct an earth-art labyrinth! You may have seen some of Barbara's other public art projects around the city - double check at http://www.barbarazech.com/. Barbara Zech, you have been NICED!

  9. Jon Ford was seeking $1,000 to... Link up with a group of graphic artists to create a series of infographics to help visualize different aspects of Indianapolis! We love infographics, and cannot wait to see some of these prints for ourselves! Jon Ford, you have been NICED!

  10. Kyle Perry was seeking $1,000 to... Create a marketing fund to bring more of the work of design / fabrication studio PROJECTiONE to Indianapolis! These guys do some amazing stuff, but frankly it is a little hard to explain so check it out: http://www.projectione.com/. Kyle Perry, you have been NICED!

Now, keep in mind that this was just the first round. We have had the chance to work out some of the kinks, and we WANT to do this again, we just need to find a way to make it happen. That being said, keep checking www.smallboxweb.com/nice-grants and follow @NiceGrants on Twitter to check on some of our smaller nicings - and let us know about what's nice in your neck of the woods! Let's keep this nice revolution going!

Nice Grants - <3

P.S.: Big ups to Angie's List for the $5,000 boost! That's what I call...

...wait for it...