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October 11, 2013
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Nice Grants Update: Visualize Indy

October 11, 2013

Jon Ford is one of the 2012 Nice Grants winners. "The committee" (think Justice League, not the Evil League of Evil) that determined the 2012 winners was immediately drawn to Jon's plan to do a series of infographics that help people visualize different issues affecting Central Indiana. Maybe it is because we are suckers for data. Maybe it is because we love design. It most certainly had something to do with the fact that we like data-driven design about Indianapolis!

I had the chance to sit down and talk to Jon about the Visualize Indy project. Aside from being a great guy and having a fantastic beard, Jon is also very passionate about our fair city and social issues. Jon is clearly a driven guy, but what was most striking about this project, in my opinion, was his sincere desire to get as much of the money into the hands of a local designer as possible. 

"Part of the goal was to showcase different issues in the city, but I also wanted to find opportunities to help out local, up-and-coming designers," Jon explained as he sipped his (local) beer in the SmallBox lounge. "There are a lot of great designers out there, and this was a chance to show off some new talent."

Jon has been working with the very talented Danielle Lawson, a design student at UIndy, and they have an entire series of infographics planned. The series will include the following:

Because we go way back (like 2 months), and as a sneak preview of the work to be published online, Jon sent me a nearly final draft of the SNAP and Hoosier Farmers graphic to share with you all. It is a huge file, with a ton of information, so what I am posting here is actually a teaser of a preview; a small excerpt of the entire story, if you will.

Jon, we're looking forward to seeing the rest of the series, and I can only assume that we'll see more of Danielle's excellent work in the coming years. Thank you both for your hard work, and keep us in the loop!