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Sara McGuyer
August 06, 2015
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Monster Mash

August 06, 2015

Eric Stine, Indianapolis Artist

Meet Eric Stine. Artist, designer and illustrator. Eric is on a mission for monsters. His Nice Grant idea was inspired when he built a 4-foot tall version of a fun illustrated monster for an art installation. From his Nice Grant application:

This got my creative inspiration flowing – what if I was able to create a bunch of these monster guys to distribute guerrilla-style all throughout Indianapolis as a fun and engaging art project?

We were intrigued. Large scale monster art, popping up around town? YES, please! Sounds like a perfect random nicing for the good folks of Indy. I mean, if you were walking around town and saw this, you'd be delighted, right?

Eric Stine monster

Monster designed by Eric Stine

Eric's filmmaking friend and creative partner Ryan Balas is going to help video document the work that happens and the creative process throughout. He is based in NY, but was in town for Indy Film Fest, and helped kick off production on the project. Here's Ryan's film reel:

Ryan Balas FILMMAKER REEL 2014 from Robel Films on Vimeo.

And, Eric says he is thinking of expanding the idea!

We might actually brand this “thing” as a campaign that promotes fun and whimsy, and turn it into more of an idea that can exist on multiple media points – like a socially interactive website to track and follow interactions with the Monsters. Or something...

We can't wait to meet these monsters!