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Kasey Bradley
September 18, 2014
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I've Created a (Promise) Monster!

September 18, 2014

When we first came across Promise Monsters' Nice Grants submission we were wowed. The idea of spreading nice-ness to children via monsters is undoubtedly a fun and weird way to pay it forward. Michael and Erin Bogan invited me to the shop for an in-depth study in monster creation and let me try my hand at being a friendly Dr. Frankenstein.

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Sewing Ahead! 

The way that Promise Monsters work is simple. Each monster, whether purchased from a shop or made at Promise Monsters HQ as part of a workshop, comes with a request - do something nice and pay it forward. In an effort to spread the niceness around the community the Promise Monsters team realized it's best to hook them young, and decided to put their $1,000 grant toward touring Indianapolis schools.

Personally, I have no business being let anywhere near a sewing machine - but the niceness has to start somewhere. For me, it began with a piece of fuzzy red fabric.

Once I had made my fabric selection it was off to the embroidery machine...

...and I was well on my way to constructing my first Smarshmallow.

Once an eye was sewn in place it was time to begin sewing up the body of my monster.

Promise Monsters co-founder Michael Bogan was kind enough to assist in getting this taken care of, as my hands were shaking too much from operating (what felt like) this jet-powered sewing machine to get a picture. Thanks Michael!

Once the main body was stiched together it was time to add a bottom to the little fella...

...and another trip to the embroidery machine. Honestly, I could never have done this without computer-assisted technology. The future can be a real nice place.

Once my monster husk was completed I turned my attention to the red behemoth stuffing machine.


Despite it's boxy features, this device breathes life in to Smarshmallows.

See all of that fuzz? That's life!

After a few quick stitches to sew my monster up I selected my act of kindness. I am now committed to bringing my office breakfast soon, which will put my coworkers in a great mood, leading them to pay the nice forward throughout the day.

Nice Grants will be following Promise Monsters as they reach out to Indianapolis' kids, so be sure to check back for even more nice!