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Kasey Bradley
January 07, 2013
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January 07, 2013

I personally can attest to how much difference a little money can make in a person's life. I have worked low-paying jobs in the past, I have been unemployed, and just like anyone else, I have incurred unexpected expenses. (Unlike anybody else, my car got hit by a train.)

For those of you who haven't read our previous blog post or seen any of the media coverage about this, on February 8, SmallBox will announce the first winners of our new Nice Grants program. Long story short, after meeting some internal goals our CEO Jeb Banner gave the SmallBox team $5000 to spend any way we wanted. We bounced around a few ideas as a team, but nothing stuck until we hit on the idea of using the money to benefit the community. We don't need a foosball table - that just really isn't the SmallBox way.

So we are putting up $5000 of our own money to help 5 entrepreneurs, start-ups, artists, etc. to help with their businesses/projects and we will have no stake in the outcome of these ventures, and nothing to gain except possibly helping a few people along the way and making Indianapolis a better place to live. Who can argue with that, right? Only very horrible people. The worst of the worst.

Now, working with non-profits and getting involved with community initiatives is nothing new to us - we do it all of the time. That being said, we are entering uncharted waters. We are just GIVING this money away, with the hopes that the grant winners do the best with it that they can.

We have received a bunch of great entries already, but we would always be happy with more. We are hoping for this program to continue on in to the future, but for that to happen we need to be sure the interest is out there. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues, tell your competitors, tell your enemies, follow @nicegrants on Twitter and retweet all of our posts, shout it from the mountaintops, rent us a skywriter, whatever.

Don't be stingy with this information - if you have an idea then let us know! It might get your $1000! If you know someone with an idea then help them get paid. Let's get going. GET NICE! Indianapolis thanks you in advance.

- Nice Grants <3