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Abby Schoonveld
January 29, 2013
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Factory Week 2013: Nice Your Community

January 29, 2013

We’re so sneaky! We had ulterior motives, fantastic ulterior motives! As a sign of thanks for falling for our awesome trap, we’re giving the first six responder’s favorite local nonprofit a donation of $25...in their name, of course.

  • Riley Hospital - @spsullivan007
  • Indiana Golf Foundation - @rnlmbrt
  • Indy Fire Rescue - @Magtastic
  • Partners Housing - @jawbrain
  • Latino Youth Collective - Kirsten Eamon-Shine
  • Junior Achievement - Aaron Abelard

As part of Factory Week we’re living up to Boxism #13: Nice Your Community. We’re doing random acts of nice-ness all week, like giving a donation to your favorite charity! We’re not quite sure what’s happening today but that’s part of the fun and randomness. Visiting us at the Speak Easy might even up your chances for being niced! So stop by and say hello, why don’t ya!?