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Kasey Bradley
August 15, 2014
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BOOM! It's an Onomatopoeia!

August 15, 2014

Adam Gross, Melanie Rau, Justin Shimp, and Jessica Dunn are all super creative types who are consistently doing pretty great stuff. Rather than explain everything, here's what I mean:

You see what I mean. It goes without saying that all of them approach artistic endeavors with a degree of professionalism that is pretty inspiring. With this in mind I thought convincing them to allow us to take a quick preview of their visual album of educational songs might be a tall order. Luckily they're all super nice and within minutes of brining it up Adam had sent me an early demo version of "Onomatopoeia," a bouncy and incredibly catchy song about all of the booms, pows, and zips in our lives.


Mind. Blown. With knowledge! We'll keep you up to speed as the visual album comes together. So far, we would say it's really nice.