We love this city.

Like fierce, mad love for Indianapolis. So we put our money where our hearts are.

Back in 2012, SmallBox achieved some self-imposed, but lofty, goals. As a reward for our focus and effort, Jeb gave us $5,000 to do with as we pleased. Rather than pocketing the money or blowing it on parties, we decided to invest it back into the community.

It just made sense to use this money to support creativity and growth in Indy. We put out the call for entrepreneurs, start-ups, artists, and the like, offering up five no-strings-attached grants of $1,000 each. Our only request was permission to follow up on the progress of the funded projects. We love this idea so much that we decided that it's going to be a permanent fixture in the history of SmallBox.

It was a win-win-win scenario. We get to feel good about helping ideas come to life. The grantees get to see their passions come to fruition. The community gets all kinds of new and interesting projects. What could be better?!

We announced 2015 winners on May 1. See the list here.