Indy is getting niced,
no strings attached!

It feels good to succeed. It feels even better to be nice!

In late 2012, the SmallBox team surpassed some really big goals and our CEO offered up a bonus of $5,000 to use as we pleased. We could have done anything with the money; new technology, meat parties, tiki barge trips. Nothing was off the table. The team kicked around some ideas for several weeks, and it quickly became obvious that we wanted to do something good for our community.

BAM! Nice Grants. No-strings-attached funding for great ideas that benefit Indianapolis communities and residents. (Almost) Nothing is off the table in this no-holds-barred local funding initiative.

Nice Grants is back in 2014 and we have 10 $1,000 grants to give to 10 new projects. Submissions closed at 5pm on Friday, April 11 and winners were announced on Friday, April 25. Stay tuned for updates on all projects and check out 2014's winners here.